How to Get an FSBO Seller to Realize Your Value

The key to taking more FSBO listings this week is getting FSBO sellers to realize the value that you provide. If they can see all that you do for them and how amazing it is they will be knocking down your door for your services. FSBO sellers will gladly pay you because of the value that you provide to them.

Why don’t FSBO sellers list with an agent then?

The #1 reason that FSBO sellers don’t use real estate agents is because they feel that agents provide little to know value in the process. They feel that real estate agents only put a sign in the ground, a box on the front door, and list the property on the MLS.

To get FSBO sellers to realize your value you can’t tell them yourself. They must come to this conclusion by themselves to fully realize that you are different from every other real estate professional and that you provide a value unlike anyone else. They can and will realize this if you give them the opportunity to do so.

One of the most powerful ways to get FSBO sellers to realize your value is to get others to tell them for you. Third party verification or testimonials provide a great validity for you and give the FSBO seller a sense of confidence about your work.

To work each testimonial must include the following:

  • A reference to the location of the property that was sold. If possible the real address that was sold by you.
  • The testimonial should include the struggle of the FSBO seller had in trying to sell the home themselves.
  • How they came about finding you and their experience with you from start to finish.
  • A way to contact the testimonial source if at all possible is a very powerful way to make the new FSBO seller feel comfortable about the testimonial
  • A picture of the FSBO seller who is giving the testimonial should be available.
  • The testimonial should be recorded on audio or on video for maximum effect to be achieved

Having others provide the reasons for other FSBO sellers to use you is a quick way to increase the number of FSBO sellers that you have. If you don’t have past FSBO sellers but can provide the FSBO seller with other past sellers you have helped in the past this will also give them a sense of confidence in your services and demonstrate the value that you have provided to your past clients. Remember that having the FSBO realize your value without you saying the things you do yourself will automatically separate you from your competition.

FSBO New Trends for Today

When the general economy starts to go down, people start looking for ways to cut corners and save as much money as possible. One way people are doing this is to sell their house themselves. For Sale by Owner, or FSBO for short, has become a viable option for people that are looking to sell their home in today’s economy.

With all of the tools online people are feeling like they can sell their home themselves without needing a real estate agent. Many website have realized this and popped up to offer help to people that are trying to sell their home by themselves so they can hopefully avoid the pitfalls.

Another time that the FSBO method is very popular is when someone is not able to afford the 6% commission that comes with selling through a real estate agent. If the home is at or below the price you need to make in order to pay off the loan you may not be able to afford any extra out of pocket expenses.

The FSBO way is often the step that many homeowners take first on their road to selling their house. Keeping this in mind you will find many sites that offer low rates to help this segment of the market before the homeowner decides to go the traditional way of using a real estate agent. Many sites that offer FSBO will include some, or all, of the following features.

Basic listing features including a link for a virtual tour

  • A template for a printable flyer
  • Workbooks to assist the homeowner in their research of what they need to know and what they need to do prior to attempting a sale.
  • Listings that compare to the listings of a real estate agency site
  • Offering a flat fee for listing the home as long as needed, without additional weekly or monthly add-ons
  • Pricing reports to help you value your home appropriately
  • Typical yard signs much like those used by real estate agents
  • No limit on the number of pictures on your listing
  • Access to a free consultation line for questions

With all of these services it is no wonder that these types of sites are quickly becoming the first call people are making when they start the process of selling their home. You have a better chance of selling your FSBO home if you are able to be patient and by doing some research on their own.

The key to success is centered on the reason the homeowner wishes to sell their house. If they simply need to upsize for a new addition to the family, to downsize after the kids have gone to college, to change locations closer to or further away from the city, or just for a general change of scenery, patience can be the key.

However if you are moving because you are changing employment, marriage, divorce, or any number of other reasons the move may have to be more immediate. In the past companies that wanted to hire a worker would pay for the house and the expenses from relocating. Due to the sagging economy this has become a lot less popular because companies are trying to save money and quality people are looking for a job everywhere.

FSBO is a viable way to get the home out into the spotlight and into the market without the fees from realtors. Then if FSBO doesn’t work out, the homeowner has the option to sign up with a qualified real estate agency to sell the house and continue where the FSBO support ended. Your decision on how to sell your house, is entirely dependent on your situation.

How To Engage A FSBO

FSBO sellers will reject you. Remember, they would prefer not to use your services. But if you maintain a steady, professional relationship, offering help and staying in contact for four to five weeks, you will usually be able to win an interview. From there, a listing follows.

Increase your odds of success by taking these two precautions:

1. Limit the number of FSBOs you cultivate. Focus only on the best clients.

2. Avoid prospects with low motivation or unrealistically high price expectations. These sellers are usually the most toxic, and too often, they will try to take their frustrations out on you.

FSBOs fundamentally turn into a game of lead follow-up. You need to personally and regularly contact your FSBO leads to discover their motivation and qualifications, book a face-to-face meeting, disqualify prospects as necessary, provide regular service and communication, and schedule a presentation appointment. Then you need to repeat the service and communication steps several times weekly until the listing is in hand.

To make personal contact, begin by asking the FSBO seller if you can come by and see the home. You can ask them in a few different ways. You can explain that you want to keep abreast of the regional housing inventory; you can say that you are working with buyers who may be interested; you can present yourself as a potential investor; when you can, you can use the “reverse-no” technique. Following are sample scripts for each approach.

Script for keeping up with the inventory:

“Mr. Seller, your home is located in my core area of sales. Because it is, I would like to come by and preview your home. Would there be a time on __________ or __________ to do that this week?”

Script for working with the prospective buyer:

“Ms. Seller, I understand you are selling your home on your own. Let me ask you this: are you cooperating with real estate agents? What I mean is, if a real estate agent brought you a qualified buyer at an agreeable price to you, would you be willing to pay a partial commission?

We are working with a few buyers for your area that we have not been able to place yet. May I come by on __________ or __________ later this week to see your home?”

When you use the above approach, understand that you are not interested in reducing your commission. What you’re really trying to do is achieve a face-to-face appointment to collect more information on their sellers’ motivation in order to determine the probability of securing a listing in the future.

Script for a potential investor:

“Mr. Seller, your home is located in a solid area for real estate investment. I was wondering if I could come by to see your home as a principle for possible purchase and to see if it is a property that would meet my investment needs. Would __________ or __________ be better for you?”

In using the above approach, realize that the key phrase is investment needs. You will rarely find a FSBO that will meet your investment needs. My personal investment need is a home that can be acquired at a 70% discount below fair market value. Most FSBOs are trying to sell their home at 110% of fair market value. This technique does get you in the door to see the home and talk with them.

Script for a reverse-no:

“Ms. Seller, would you be offended if I came by to take a quick look at your home?”

The reverse-no technique can be used with any script. It capitalizes on the normal reflexive human reaction of “no” in order to achieve a positive response. It opens the door to you to then set an appointment.

FSBO Survey Script

Hi, this is __________ from __________. I am looking for the owner of the home for sale.

Your home is in my core area. I am doing a quick survey of the FSBOs in this area. May I take a few minutes to ask you some questions?

The ad in the paper said that you had _____ bedrooms and _____ bathrooms.

1. Do you have a two level or one level home?

2. Are all the bedrooms on the same floor?

3. Are they good sized rooms?

4. How is the condition of the kitchen?

5. Are the bathrooms in good condition?

6. Can you describe your yard for me?

7. Is there anything else you feel I should know?

8. It sounds like you have a great home; how long have you lived there?

9. Why are you selling at this time?

10. Where are you hoping to move to now?

11. What is your time frame to get there?

12. How did you happen to select that area to move to?

13. How did you determine your initial asking price for the home?

14. What techniques are you using for exposure and marketing of your home?

15. Are you aware that over 86% of the buyers for properties begin on the internet now?

16. If there was a clear advantage for you in using me to market and expose your home, and it cost you very little, would you consider it?

17. Let’s simplify. Set a time to get together for fifteen to twenty minutes, so I can see your home and understand your objectives. I have time available __________, or would __________ be better for you?

Building relationships

FSBO relationships are built over time. By introducing yourself to the owners the first weekend their FSBO is announced, before the masses start calling on Monday, you create a good connection. By sending them tools, educational materials, free reports, and forms, you become an ally. By taking a personal interest in them and their situation, you create a solid connection that, in many cases, pays off when the owners decide to go with an agent they know and trust – preferably you.

Over the course of building a relationship with the owners, you’ll be able to get them to understand that, in every real estate transaction, a commission is paid. In the end, FSBO sellers don’t “save” the commission. Rather, they try to earn the commission by doing an agent’s job. In doing so, they spend their money and time to perform, as best they can, the duties of an agent. Those duties include exposing the home through marketing, presenting the home to buyers, building a sense of buyer urgency in order to prompt an offer, scheduling home inspections, handling qualification checks with the lender, supervising repairs, and facilitating the closing.

Not only is a lot of work involved in earning the real estate commission but FSBO owners unwittingly let buyers basically steal the commission through under-priced offers. The people who shop FSBOs don’t do it for their health. They want to secure a low price and a high initial equity position. In the process, they set out to “earn” the commission, and often do.

By building a relationship over time, you will demonstrate your value to the FSBO seller. Remember at all times, whether you’re working with FSBOS or expireds, your goal is simply to be one of the two, three, or four agents that the owner will interview when the time comes. You just want the opportunity to compete and make your presentation.

FSBO Contract – Paperwork Required During Sale of Home by Owner

These days more and more home owners are taking the leap and selling their homes themselves, forgoing the realtor. Is that a good idea? The answer to that is yes. However, there is quite a lot of paperwork involved with doing that. In this article we will review some of the forms you will need when doing a for sale by owner (FSBO) of your home.

The first document you will need to have is the sales contract. This form will contain all of the terms of the deal between you and your buyer. This contract is a legal agreement, so don’t forget ANY of the important details. Of course it will include the purchase price. However; with regards to your protection and the protection of your buyer, it ought to contain a contingency clause as well. A qualifying contingency could be the buyer not being able to secure the financing OR if your home fails its inspection. If your buyer is buying your home “AS IS,” details of this MUST also be incorporated into the sales contract.

The next form you must have is the property disclosure form. In this document any defects your home currently has HAVE to be listed. Quite a few states and countries require this form be used no matter what type of real estate transaction you choose. If you fail to disclose any of these problems with your home to your buyer, you can be legally held liable for damages and have to pay them a lot of money. Do yourself a favor: DO NOT FORGET THE PROPERTY DISCLOSURE FORM!!

Another important document for you to have is an occupancy agreement form. This form will state all of the terms of the moving periods for both you and your buyer. If the buyer intends to move in before the deal is secured, you will also need a pre-occupancy agreement. This is important because once YOU move out of your home the homeowner’s insurance plan most likely will NOT cover you. So if damage is then done to the home and/or you incur losses to it, you will be plain out of luck. So be certain to remember the occupancy and/or pre-occupancy form. A great real estate lawyer should be consulted to make sure you don’t forget anything important relating to this document.

If your home was built prior to 1978 you will also need “lead paint records” in a separate form. This form must fully disclose; with written notice to the buyer, any trace of lead paint that was used when constructing it or to enhance its interior later on. It is a federal law that you MUST have this form. You also are required to supply your buyer with a lead paint information pamphlet that is approved by the EPA. Additionally, the warning form MUST be sign by all people who will be involved in the purchase of your home. Again, it would be wise to consult your attorney to make sure you do everything in accordance with the law. Otherwise there could be dire consequences for you later on.

FSBO Property – Homes for Sale by Owner Listing

Today, halfway 80% of coinage buyers globally affect their travel on FSBO websites. This increases the punch of selling properties faster without having to reaction with realtors or estate agents who charge heavy commissions and brokerage fees. Some of the benefits of selling your property yourself as a seller and an agent/ broker are discussed below. If you are a landlord of the property and desire to sale your house yourself, you have ingeniously simple opportunities to close a sale with up to 6 to 8% commission/ brokerage yourself keeping positive mind. You can have an earning potential of at first off 6 to 8% of the sale value, which would have gone away by estate agents.

It is common that nowadays homeowners much occupy the services of a real estate Makin’s to supply their property. But additional and more relatives are looking at selling their homes directly themselves through for sale by owner sites. Selling properties owing to sale by owner websites is becoming a development trend and is gaining much popularity. FSBO properties are actually the most demanding localities and if you are a house owner, you’re thinking constraint trigger a few thousand money from the sale of your property.You need to check the market trends of the property you are going to buy because a home for sale is always expected to have a lower price than a normal price prevailing in the market. Many websites provides help to consider the right price of a house.

You should even provide photo of your FSBO property as this option is also available on various websites. You should besides provide the phone number; mobile number and email id also should cope each again every mark out or email make-believe to you.

These were a few techniques helpful in selling your FSBO property. In today’s market selling of a property is an immense task. Your strain of selling your house is fabricated easy through various websites. For a sale to be successful, one must offer client a handsome price, be horizontal with market trends and have patience to get it closed successfully.

Obstacles to For Sale by Owner (FSBO) Listings and How to Overcome Them

You have probably thought about going the “for sale by owner” or FSBO route, but wonder what you’ll miss out on by avoiding the high commissions.

After all, signing up with a regular commissioned real estate broker will take 6%, 7%, or even more right off the top of your sales price. And, that means a lot of money out of your pocket. So, many people are eager to go the “for sale by owner” route to get the most for their home.

So, let’s look at what you may miss.

First, unless you first talk with some real estate agents you may not know what comparable homes have sold for in your area. Understanding what similar properties have sold for is critical to pricing your property to sell. If you price your home too high you may not be able to sell your property until you lower the asking price and become more competitive.

So, before you decide to go the FSBO route, get some assistance from several real estate agents about setting the right listing price.

Second, while you may have a sign on your front lawn indicating your house is for sale, only people who drive down your street will see your sign. You will have take further steps to expose your home to potential buyers. One of the best ways to do this is through your “Multiple Listing Service” or MLS. This is the database all the real estate agents in your area use to show properties. Many MLS databases are searchable from the Internet.

You can get your property listed on your local MLS for a flat fee. Flat Fee Listing [] works with brokers across the United States who will enter your property into the local MLS as well as other national sites for you.

Third, a real estate agent can help guide you in getting your home ready for showing to prospective buyers. As an energetic home owner you can find sources of information about how to show your home in it’s best light on the Web or in bookstores. A home inspection will also help you know exactly what repairs need to be done to get your home into prime condition. Most buyers include clauses in their offers that make the purchase contingent on a clean property inspection report. You attention to your own inspection report will help eliminate or reduce negotiations regarding these contingencies.

Fourth, many people who look at “for sale by owner” properties expect the listing price to be below that of properties lists by regular brokers. They expect to share in your savings. By pricing your property just below competing homes, you will gain a price advantage that may attract so many offers you won’t have to worry about buyer expectations of a further reduction in price.

Fifth, going the FSBO route may put you at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiations and legal matters. Selling a home is an expensive legal transaction and offers and counter offers are all part of a legally binding contract. Unless you have access to legal counsel or are very familiar with real estate transactions you will need to educate yourself in these areas. If might be wise to retain the services of a real estate attorney just to make sure everything you do is in your best interests.

Overall, selling your home requires a number of skills and a lot of patience. While you can do it yourself and possibly save some fees, you will need to gain some knowledge and do many tasks that a real estate agent can do for you. Remember that many people have sold their property on their own and you can too.

FSBO Novel Preface


We are For Sale By Owners, “FSBOs.” We spend our time trying to sell ourselves and others on what we are doing or what we want to believe. While knowledge is power, we are often victims of ignorance.

Most of us are outsiders. Outside of the narrow worlds that we occupy, we have only superficial understanding of the way most things really are. We fail to consider how people became like they are. What we see is not all that there is. Look at yourself. Why are you like this? Are you what other people think? Or, are you a lot more? Are you all good, or all bad? I doubt it! I believe we are all the products of the choices we have made. We can make new choices. We must gain knowledge with which we can make better decisions. It is my hope that you will enjoy a good read. In so doing, I pray you will glean some useful information, gain insider’s awareness of elements that may affect you, and heed some of the warnings that are integrated in this book.

In FSBOs, evil gains entry when a housewife opens her door to strangers. Each has a personal interest at heart, derivative of individual experience and choices. We will visit some murky worlds that you may never have wanted to see, each owned or possessed by the character who has chosen to live there. While fictional, such lives do exist. The multiple storylines are tied together by a common plight, that of people who set out to sell either who they are or their homes by themselves. The villans are ignorance, greed, power, lust, self-service, and misguided belief systems. It is easy to say that, of such things, we are all victims.

Whether we like it or not, we are each owners of ourselves. Frequently, we are negatively affected by the consequences of our own poor choices. Sometimes, we are victims of the ruthless choices of others. Usually, there were warning signs which we ignored precipitating our tragedies. We went our own way, selling ourselves and others on what we wanted to believe, For Sale By Owners, “FSBOs”.

If the proceeding “Preface” appeals to you, you might consider investing in a copy of the novel from which it was extracted.Or, you may read it free online at

If you wish to comment, I encourage you to e-mail me.



How to Turn Every FSBO Listing Into at Least 2 Additional Closed Sales

Working with a FSBO seller can be very rewarding yet once we are done with that listing we need and want more FSBO sellers to work with. You can turn every FSBO seller into more closed transactions by following several repeatable steps on each and every transaction that will uncover more FSBO sellers as well as bring you buyers for your other properties.

More FSBO Listings By Helping One FSBO Seller

Often it is one piece of valuable information that is shared with a seller or buyer that puts them over the edge in deciding to work with you. One of the most powerful ways to get more FSBO listings very quickly is from taking just 1 FSBO listing. If worked correctly 1 FSBO listing can turn into 5 or more FSBO listings very quickly.

This can be done by making sure to share the experience with as many people as possible. Some immediate ways to pick up FSBO inventory is by taking the following actions:

  • Calling all of your current FSBO prospects and sharing – That’s right share with them that you are helping one of “their own”. FSBO’s often like to stick together and if they know you are helping one of “their own” this will allow you to pick up additional FSBO listings.
  • Update your website with the new FSBO listing – whether you have a blog or a website let the world know you are helping a new FSBO seller. Make sure you tell the “story” of how it all came about.
  • Get the FSBO seller to record a “Why I chose to list message” – Do this as quickly as you can in the relationship with the FSBO. Preferably have them record it on a system that allows you to put it on the Internet so even more people can hear about. At the very least it should be recorded on a hotline that people can call in and listen to.

Unlocking the Power of Buying Leads on FSBO properties

Buyers are often overlooked as many real estate agents view them as a “hassle” yet the reality is they are needed to close a real estate transaction. Even if you don’t want to work with the buyers you can always refer them. On all of your FSBO listings I would recommend the following to generate more buying leads:

·         Toll Free Hotline – People love calling these hotlines even today with where technology is so they can hear about the property and what the details of the property are.

·         Text to Phone Service – These services are just now becoming popular and provide buyers with the ability to text, using their cell phone, for information on a property. This allows buyers to quickly and easily see details of the property and the agent receives the users cell phone number for follow-up.

Out of the buying leads that you generate there is at least 1 if not 2 buyers in the group who will buy within 60 days provided you follow-up with them.

FSBO listings can be difficult to get if you aren’t following a system and a pattern for success. I recommend that all my agents treat every FSBO like gold and to not only help that FSBO seller but to find other highly motivated clients that they can help within the next 60 days.

FSBO – How to Make Sure You Sell Your Own Home Fast

Selling your house doesn’t have to be hard. Homes that are FSBO, Homes For Sale By Owner, is a great way to sell your house because you cut out the real estate agents and nasty commissions they take. However, in order to sell your house you do need to know a little about how to present your property and attract buyers. Throwing a FOR SALE listing up somewhere probably won’t stir up much interest and you’ll need to pay attention to the kinds of pictures you use and what information you put in your listing so you increase your chances of someone seeing your ad actually being interested and wanting to take a look. Don’t worry, none of this is really hard and you don’t have to be a slippery car salesman to sell your own house. All it takes is a little common sense and attention to detail.

Your listing needs to be informative. Think of what you would want to see in an ad if you were looking to buy a house. Pictures are a must in any listing and everyone knows that, but what most people don’t know is that you need to be careful as to what kind of pictures you use. You don’t have to show a picture of everything in and around your house. Show the most important and essential ones that would make someone want to come and see more of your property. Pictures of the shower or bathroom really aren’t needed. If anyone is seriously interested in buying your house, they probably won’t buy it just for the bathroom. Also be sure your pictures look good. How is the lighting? Are they too dark to make out what the picture is of? Make sure you label and give your pictures adequate descriptions. People want to know what they are looking at, it may seem obvious to you but that’s because you are the home owner.

Beyond making sure you have good pictures with good information, stop and think about what is in the surrounding area. Do you live in an area that has a famous landmark or scenic spot? If you’ve lived in the area for some time, it is possible that the tourist spots seem boring and out of date, but remember that many people looking to buy houses may not even be from your area and might be really interested when they find out what’s in your immediate area.

The key here is that you really need to try and make your FSBO as attractive as possible. Do you remember what you did the last time you went and bought a house? Did you buy the first one? There is probably a very good chance you looked at multiple homes that were for sale even before you began to decide on what you were looking for. There is probably also a very good chance that if a listing looked dull and uninteresting you just didn’t bother to call up and make an appointment to check it out. FSBO advertising can be very effective provided you pay attention to the above tips and just remember that the only way you’ll be able to create interest and sell your house is with an effective listing.

FSBO Jargon – The Language of the FSBO Seller

When you decide to sell your home without a real estate agent, you enter the world of the FSBO sellers. As with any new experience, you need to understand some of the basic language.

Selling your home on your own makes a lot of sense from a financial perspective. Even though the real estate market has cooled off considerably, home prices are still pumped up compared to historical references. At 6 percent, the commission of a real estate agent can add up to a lot of money. On a $500,000 home, we are talking about a whopping $30,000, which can really eat into the equity you have built up over the years.

If you make the decision to go FSBO, you need to understand a few things. You are essentially taking the oars of the boat and doing all the rowing yourself. This means you need to understand both the concepts involved and the language used during the real estate process. Here are some tips.

FSBO – This term is short for “For Sale By Owner”. It is important to understand that it is used as a noun in the real estate industry. Simply put, you are a FSBO. Agents helping buyers will refer to you and your property by this term. Selling agents will also contact you frequently to try to convert you from a FSBO to a listing client, to wit, they want you to hire them.

FFMLS – This term refers to Flat Fee Multiple Listing Service. Many people that consider selling their home with an agent worry that they will not be able to list their property in the multiple listing service for the area. In the past, the “MLS” was a list controlled solely by agents and realtors. These days, there are ways to access it without using a real estate agent. You can pay a Flat Fee for your listing, thus the name.

CMA – This term refers to a Comparable Market Analysis. It is essentially a breakdown of homes in your neighborhood. Information includes things such as the listing prices of homes, valuations and so on. As a FSBO seller, you can obtain a CMA by just contacting a real estate agent. They use these reports as lead generators and give them out for free. Tell them you are a FSBO and they will still give you one. The eternal hope of the agent, of course, is that you will fail as a FSBO and hire them.

Obviously, there are many terms that arise in the real estate world. Most apply whether or not you are using an agent to promote your property. The above represent a couple you need to know as a FSBO.